Microsoft iSCSI

Microsoft iSCSI Target version 3.3 Configuration
This procedure is for Windows Server 2008 R2:
Note: The Microsoft iSCSI Software Target can only be installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 or later.

1. Download the Microsoft iSCSI Target Software, Microsoft iSCSI Software Target, iSCSITargetDLC.exe, and install it.

2. Configure Windows Firewall inbound filter rule.

3. Start Microsoft iSCSI Software Target:
Start -> All Program -> Administrator Tools -> Microsoft iSCSI Software Target

4. Create iSCSI Target:
– On the left panel under Microsoft iSCSI Software Target, Right Click on iSCSI Target and select “Create iSCSI target”.
– Follow the Wizard, give the target a name and description.
– Next screen “Create initiator identifier”, enter the initiator IQN.
Or from the drop down menu, select IP address and enter the initiators ip address.

5. Create a Virtual Disk:
Note: Virtual Disk can not be created from a raw drive, disk have to be formatted.
– Right click the iSCSI target created on step 4 and select “Create a Virtual Disk for iSCSI Target
– Follow the wizzard, Create a virtual disk by entering its path and name Example: D:\LUN0.vhd
To make a 5GB RAMDisk LUN, enter RAMDISK:5120.vhd for the path.
– Enter its size in MB
– Virtual disk description
– Finish

6.From the Initiator Server, start the iSCSI Initiator:
Control Panel – > iSCSI Initiator
– On the Targets Tab, enter the ip address of the Target Server and click Quick Connect.