Dell EqualLogic PS6010

Dell EqualLogic quick start Software Configuration (Configuring it for the first time) using its Setup Utility (Interactive Command Line).

Need Serial Connection to Control Module and use Putty.
1. logged into the control module:
Username name and password: grpadmin / grpadmin

2. Interactive prompt:
would you like to configure the array now? Enter y.

3. Group Manager Setup Utility, enter yes to proceed.

Enter the network configuration for the array:
Note: This is not the management network.
Member name: (Example: dell-equallogic-1)
Network inteface (10Gb): eth0
Ip address: x.x.x.x
Default gateway (optional).

4. Configure Group name: (Example: dell-iscsi)
5. Group IP address: x.x.x.x

6. The Group name does not exist so create a new group
Enter yes to create new group, use the group name in step 4 (dell-iscsi)

7. Enter new password(s) for managing group membership and grpadmin.

Done with initial setup.

To Reset the Array to factory defaults
Enter “reset” in the command prompt and then “DeleteAllMyDataNow“.

Set the Member RAID Policy:
At the Group Manager command prompt, enter:
member select member_name raid-policy policy
dell-iscsi> member select dell-equallogic-1 raid-policy raid10

Create a 500GB Volume:
volume create volume_name size(MB)
dell-iscsi> volume create dell-iscsi-vol01 500000

Create volume access control:
volume select volume_name access create access_control
access_control = initiator or ipaddress
dell-iscsi> volume select dell-iscsi-vol01 access create initiator
dell-iscsi> volume select dell-iscsi-vol01 access create ipadress x.x.x.x

Verify access control:
dell-iscsi> volume select dell-iscsi-vol01 show

Some Usefull commands:
dell-iscsi> show
dell-iscsi> show volume

To setup date and time:
dell-iscsi> grpparams date 05/10/11
dell-iscsi> grpparams timezone PST
dell-iscsi> grpparams time 17:45:00

Configuring a Dedicated Management Network:
1. Configure an IP address for eth2, which must be on a different subnet than the network interfaces for iSCSI traffic, and enable the interface for management-only.

To verify eth2
dell-iscsi> member select member_name eth show
member select member_name eth select 2 parameter …
ipaddress address |none
netmask mask_ip
mgmt-only enable
up | down

dell-iscsi> member select member_name eth select 2 ipaddress x.x.x.x netmask x.x.x.x
dell-iscsi> member select member_name eth select 2 up
dell-iscsi> member select member_name eth select 2 mgmt-only enable

To access Group Manager GUI, specify http://eth2_address in web browser.

2. (Optional) Add a default management gateway to the group.

The management gateway applies to all the configured management interfaces.
dell-iscsi> grparams def-mgmt-gateway ipaddress|none