MATE Desktop

MATE Desktop installation on CentOS 7 and Oracle Linux 7 minimal install

After the minimal installation of CentOS 7 or Oracle Linux 7, do an update:
# yum update.

1. Required packages if the installation is a VirtualBox Guest:
# yum -y install make gcc.x86_64 kernel kernel-devel

For Oracle Linux 7, add the package kernel-uek-devel

Reboot the system.

2. Install the EPEL-repository

For CentOS 7:
# yum install epel-release

For Oracle Linux 7:
# wget
# rpm -ivh epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm

3. Install the X Window System
# yum groupinstall “x window system”

4. Install the MATE packages.
# yum groupinstall “MATE Desktop”

5. Start the Graphical Interface
# systemctl isolate

6. To have MATE boot up as the default desktop:
# systemctl set-default