Gnome Background and Screensaver

Changing Gnome Desktop Background to an alternating multi wallpapers.

The directory of the Gnome Background images are located in: /usr/share/backgrounds/
This is an example of how to setup an alternating desktop wallspapers.

1. First create a directory in /usr/share/backgrounds/ and put a your images:
Example of three wallpapers in HollidayTheme directory – image1.jpg, image2.jpg, and image3.jpd
# cd /usr/share/backgrounds/
# mkdir HollidayTheme

2. Creat a xml file, background.xml, inside the directory to setup the rotating wallpapers:

<!-- This animation will start at midnight. -->

Note: The background-1.xml file of the cosmos theme was used as a template for the background.xml above.

3. Go to Gnome Apearance Preferences and select the new theme.
System -> Preferences -> Appearance and Select the Background Tab


That’s it for Changing the Gnome Desktop to alternate Wallpapers


Changing Gnome Screensaver to a custom images or wallpapers:

The Screensavers themes are located in:

To add a new Screensaver Theme, create a theme file, name-of-theme.desktop
Example: HollidayTheme.desktop

Edit the file with the following format, the location of the screensaver images is /usr/share/backgrounds/HollidayTheme, same as the gnome background example above.
# vim /usr/share/applications/screensavers/HollidayTheme.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
 Comment=Display a slideshow of pictures of Christmas Decorations
 Exec=/usr/libexec/gnome-screensaver/slideshow --location=/usr/share/backgrounds/HollidayThemes

Go to Gnome Screensaver Preferences and select the new HollidayThemes.
System -> Preferences -> Appearance and Select the Background Tab


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