Bash Shortcuts

Ctrl+A  Go to the beginning of the line.
Ctrl+E  Go to the end of the line.
Ctrl+L  Clears the Screen, clear command.
Ctrl+U  Clears the line before the cursor position.
Ctrl+H  Backspace.
Ctrl+R  Search through history.
Ctrl+C  Kill whatever you are running.
Ctrl+D  Exit the current shell.
Ctrl+Z  Puts what you are running into a background process.
Ctrl+W  Delete the word before the cursor.
Ctrl+K  Clear the line after the cursor.
Ctrl+T  Swap the last two characters before the cursor.

Esc+T  Swap the last two words before the cursor.
Alt+F  Move cursor forward one word on the current line.
Alt+B  Move cursor backward one word on the current line.

Tab  Auto-complete.