Whitelist an IP Address on AWS

  1. Click on “Services” from the top right menu.
  2. Click on “EC2” under Compute.
  3. Under Reources, click on the “Security Groups”.
  4. “Create Security Group” or Select an existing Security Group to add the IP.
  5. Click “Add Rule” in the “Inbound” tab.
  6. Next, set “Type” under “All Traffic”, “Source” under “Custom” and the host/IP address for whitelisting in the text box.
    Once you have added a description, click “Create”.
  7. From the “EC2 Dashboard”, click “Running Instances”.
  8. Select the instance for which you want the rule to run.
  9. Click the dropdown “Actions”.
  10. Go to “Networking” and click “Change Security Groups”.
  11. Select the security group you have created
  12. Click “Assign Security Group”.

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Ferdy Mañago

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