Avocent Cyclades ACS Network Port Configuration


Configuring the Cyclades ACS Network port using its serial port:
Set the COM Port of the Terminal emulation program like Putty:
Bits per second: 9600 bps
Data bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop bit: 1
Flow control: None

1. Login to the Cyclades console:

console server login: root
password: tslinux

2. Use the wiz command to configure the network port.

[root@CAS root]# wiz

3. At the prompt, enter n to change the defaults.

Set to defaults (y/n)[n]: n

4. Enter the hostname or Press Enter to accept the default:

Hostname [CAS]: fremont_branch_console server

5. Change the default static IP address.

System IP[]:

6. Enter the domain name.

Domain name[cyclades.com]:

7. Enter the IP address for the Primary DNS (domain name) server.

Primary DNS Server[] :

8. Enter the IP address for the gateway.

Gateway IP[eth0] :

9. Enter the netmask for the subnetwork.

Network Mask[#] :

10. If the network configuration parameters are correct, Enter y:

Are all these parameters correct? (y/n)[n]: y
Do you want to activate your configurations now? (y/n)[y]: y
Do you want to save your configuration to Flash? (y/n)[n]: y

11. To confirm the configuration, use ifconfig command.