VMware Terminologies

VMware Abbreviations and Terminologies:

vSphere – Virtualtizes the entire IT infrastructure.
ESX / ESXi – Virtualization layer on physical servers.
vCenter Server – Central point for managing virtualized environments.
vShere Client – Interface to vCenter Server from Windows PC.
vSphere Web Access – Web interface access to remote consoles.
VMFS – VMware Virtual Machine File System.
HA – VMware Hight Availability.
DRS – VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler.
vDS – vNetwork Distributed Switch.
PSA – Pluggable Storage Architecture.
datastore – Storage for the managed host.
dsk# – Storage disk for the managed host.
hostn – vCenter Server managed hosts.
tmplt – Template.
user# – User with access permissions.
VC – vCenter Server.
VM# – Virtual machines on a managed host.
.vmdk – Virtual Disk file.