Advanced Lights Out Manager (ALOM)

From the {0} ok (OpenBoot prompt), type #. to get to sc> prompt

Note: #. (Hash-Period) character sequence is the default escape character sequence for ALOM. You can change the first character in the escape sequence by using the sc_escapechars variable.

{0} ok

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Use is subject to license terms.

Sun(tm) Advanced Lights Out Manager CMT v1.7.7>

Please login: admin
Please Enter password: ****

The default password is unique for each system. It is derived from the chassis serial number, it’s the last 8 digits of the chassis serial number.

sc> showsc version
Advanced Lights Out Manager CMT v1.7.7

To add a User Account:
sc> useradd joeuser
sc> userpassword joeuser
New password:
Re-enter new password:

To re-configure or disable the NET MGT port, run the setupsc script
sc> setupsc

To Clear Faults:
sc> showfaults -v
This will display the fault UUID
sc> clearfault UUID

Powering On, Off, and Reset the Host Server:
sc> poweron
sc> poweroff -f sc> powercycle -f
sc> reset

To enable or disable component:
sc> showcomponent
This will display the components
sc> enablecomponent component
sc> disablecomponent componente
sc> enablecomponent MB/CMP0/CH0/R0/D0

Other ALOM Common Commands:
sc> showevironment
sc> showfru
sc> shownetwork