Mounting a CDROM in Solaris 10

Mounting a DVDROM or CDROM in Solaris 10

If the Volume Manager is running, the CDROM is automatically mounted as /cdrom/cd_label or /cdrom/unnamed_cdrom (if it is unlabeled). If the Volume Manager is not running, then follow the mount the CDROM by following these steps:

1. Determine the name of the DVD/CDROM device by entering the following command:
# ls -al /dev/sr* |awk ‘{print “/” $11}’
For an external USB DVDROM drive, it should return:

2. Mount the DVD-ROM:
# mkdir -p /cdrom/ext_cdrom
# mount -F hsfs -o ro /dsk/c3t0d0s2 /cdrom/ext_cdrom
where /dsk/c3t0d0s2 represents the name of the device.